Saturday, August 7, 2010

I have decided to host the XD mann Graphic Novel On Deviant Art. Although you won't be able to comment if you're not a member, BUT it has a really improved thumbnail and page reading system which helps a lot in the overall presentation. Click The Image to start!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some Promotional Materials for the Graphic Novel

...and some random drawings.

Here's the planned next cover for volume 2.

I've had to create a new character for XD's love life. Yeah I know falling in love with a coworker sucks, and plus is too cranky, so enter Minus- master of deduction.

She uses dual blades and she is sixteen.

I've also had ideas for Multiply and Divide, but I don't know what to do with her...yet.

and some random drawing I did for Black Rock Shooter:

and BLAME, one of my favorite science fiction Manga.

So there it is, and watch out for the rest of XD volume 1

Friday, June 4, 2010

XD Graphic Novel Volume 1 page 10-12

Here's the update for this week 4 June 2010



This has been an exciting and busy week, and I found myself not having enough time to squeeze the scriptwriting, penciling, and digitizing of XD Mann. But luckily I've found some way to squeeze these three pages here, so enjoy!

Friday, May 28, 2010

XD Graphic Novel Volume 1: Prologue page 1-9

This is the cover for volume 1: 9 out of 30 pages

1) Table of Contents (Coming Soon) and Credits

2) Character Pages




6) Can you point out the mistakes in grammar in the multiple choices?

7) I love this page!



Watch out for updates. XD


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Preview of Chapter 1: A sneak preview inside the mind of The Editor

The Editor Talks to his minions, the backspaces and the virgules:

I’ve always thought of God as a writer. We think He has complete control of the universe; but does that mean He can do whatever He wants? For starters, it has to have a law; it has to have laws -- that can be broken. The world must be capable of conflict.

Who would want to have a perfect boring world? A perfect world is useless to a writer.

So I will create conflict.

Then I will fix that conflict.

Then I will establish the perfect system, to create the perfect world.

I know what you think. Yes.

I am going to play the part of God and the Devil.

Some Updates:

I've reedited some of the drawings in the previous posts. Feel free to check it out.

I'm currently working on about 6-8 pages of the prologue, which (hopefully) will be up by Friday. I'm also excited about drawing the next few pages of the graphic novel chapter 1 and 2 for the entire Volume 1 collection. I've made a goal of 30 pages for the first volume.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

XD Mann Graphic Novel Character Drawings *updated*

Here's the first two character pages. It took me about 5 hours sitting in front of my PC to finalize the design of the characters. Some of the influence came from watchmen. XD

I've updated the Character Descriptions, and redesigned a little of the second page.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

XD Mann Graphic Novel: Characters


In a world where words are people, one man is about to change the world.

XD Mann: XD had always been secluded in the Superhero community mainly because he’s an emoticon; a fake, because with two symbols X and a D he can generate a smile, without really needing to express his real emotions. Most people see this as empty. As a result he’s always the loner and never the team player. Nobody knows for sure why he chose the symbol; maybe it was to never betray his real intentions. In real conversations he rarely smiles. He’s a very skilled martial artist and he never hesitates.

The Exclamation Point: (Deceased) EP was one of the most active superheroes in the community. Where he fights, buildings explode, mass murderers get executed in pretty nasty ways, and enemies always die from multiple injuries. He’s also the one with the biggest pride, and he doesn’t always get to the point.

Plus: Like the Plus symbol, she brings out the best from people she works with, though not in a motivating you can do it kind of way. She intimidates other heroes so much; a hero would be forced to bring out his best to the table. Ever since EP died, she grows crankier everyday.

Licorice: LICK as some people call him, have the best power no one would ever want. He can read everyone’s past living or dead with the use of his tongue. As a result he’s the world’s greatest Forensics expert. But nobody ever want to kiss him. Alcoholic. He secretly loves all women.

The Idea: Somebody once said, “Ideas are Bulletproof.” (V from Vendetta) so there you go; he’s bulletproof. But most of the time he’s plain stupid.

Question Mark: He believes the best way to find the truth is to ask the right questions. Everything else about him is a question mark.

Editor: He calls himself a ‘revolutionary’ that would change the world and he’s not afraid to sacrifice people along the way. He believes that evil people tarnishes his great society. He started with killing innocent commas and periods that doesn’t belong in their respective place. The Exclamation Point was his first great murder.